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Join the Digital Talent Demand

Did you know that the global skills gap is expected to cost $8.5 trillion dollars? You’ll become a more agile and marketable worker in a better-paying position when you showcase your newest IT skillset. Afterall, candidates who demonstrate adaptability and a willingness to grow will be prioritized over others.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway and accelerating at an exponential pace for which there is no historical precedent. Digital technologies and tools are transforming how we live, work and interact with each other—paving the way for more agile, collaborative, innovative and adaptive methods of doing business.

Industrial Revolution


Advancements in technology are at the crux of an industrial revolution, providing new products and services that increase our efficiency and ease our way of life.

18th Century

steam engine

STEAM – 1st Industrial Revolution

  • Railroads and steam power = Mechanized travel and production

19th Century


ELECTRICITY – 2nd Industrial Revolution

  • Electrical power and assembly lines = Mass consumerism and urbanization

20th Century


COMPUTING – 3rd Industrial Revolution

  • Computers, electronics, and the introduction of the internet = Automated production and information access


high tech

CONNECTED – 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, big data, and virtual reality = Digitized production and real-time communication

Don’t get left behind. Become a part of the future of work by up-leveling your skillsets with our wide range of IT and Developer online courses and certification paths. The time is NOW to elevate your skills and meet the Digital Talent Demand (DTD).

People Drive TECH is empowering today’s organizations to train and develop their workforces to build and sustain a competitive advantage in the fourth Industrial Revolution by offering relevant digital learning assets curated to meet the needs of today’s organizations and the DTD.

Leadership Balance® and Skillsoft® join together

Introducing the most comprehensive People Drive TECH Program available today!

High impact continuous learning for IT Professionals at all levels


  • Expert-driven, video courses
  • Hands-on insights from real-world technologists
  • Micro-learning for agile delivery
  • Assessment and exam prep


  • Thousands of books from the industry’s leading technology publishers
  • Access to code examples and other support resources
  • Certification prep


  • Industry’s largest collection of audiobooks
  • Coverage for DevOps,
    Agile and other technical topics
  • Relevant strategy and leadership titles


  • Hands-on practice labs for both coding and infrastructure scenarios
  • Live, virtual bootcamps
  • Integrated mentoring and support
There is a net positive outlook for jobs. Growing occupations include roles…that are significantly based on, and enhanced by, the use of technology.” Meaning, the division of labor between man and machine is simply shifting. Future jobs will require active learning and technology competency.

Are you ready to drive technology?

People Drive TECH Program (PDT)

People Drive TECH Program (PDT) – 12 Monthly Payments

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What’s Included


Course Titles


IT Certification Prep Learning Paths


Digital & Audio Books and Book Summaries


Popular TECH Learning Journeys

person digital

Continuous Learning

Continual learning is an organization’s most important tool in adapting to this unprecedented technology transformation where new roles are rapidly evolving, new skillsets are required and business and technology sides of the business are increasingly converging. Our People Drive TECH Training Program provides an abundance of multi-modal resources to prepare for certification xams, trouble-shoot on demand, or acquire new technical skills.

Comprehensive Resources


Our comprehensive content offering is in a micro-learning format that can be delivered on desktop or mobile applications. We have partnered with content providers like ITPro. TV and LooneyCorn to provide ultra-contemporary technical video courses.


With the widest selection of books on the market today, our library includes publications on developer resources, emerging technologies, certification prep and real time reference troubleshooting. Skillsoft partners with the eading
publishers of IT, tech and business skills content in the world including APress, McGraw Hill, IT Revolution, Bleeding Edge Press and Rocky Nook Publishers


Our comprehensive content offering is in a micro-learning format that can be delivered on desktop or mobile applications. We have partnered with content providers like ITPro. TV and LooneyCorn to provide ultra-contemporary technical video courses.


6,000 assessments mapped to Technology & Developer course library with integrated Percipio reporting and learner feedback on pass vs. fail.



Free online office hours with certified IT experts gives learners an opportunity for you to ask a seasoned professional any questions you may have about your upcoming certification test.



Our virtual practice lab solution delivers coding exercises with embedded instructional video content that challenges software developers to learn, practice and perfect their coding skills
hands-on in an integrated development environment (IDE) with immediate feedback and code validation. By using live machines and fully functioning IDEs, learners can use the sandboxes for other practice and validation needs. Practice labs are available in CISSP, CompTIA, IC3 – Global Standard 5, Oracle, Microsoft administration & certification, Wireshark, VMware, Python, Software Development Fundamentals, and more.



Our dynamic virtual classroom experience, where learners access invaluable instruction and real-world insights from leading experts. Learners collaborate in scheduled virtual classroom sessions and have on demand access to replays of prior sessions to refresh and validate knowledge. Skillsoft Bootcamp includes curated resources, all while building confidence and accelerate knowledge retention. Topics include CompTIA, Project Management and MCSE DevOps.

Learning paths designed to move people forward based on a Proven Approach to Learning

People in TECH Training Learning Journeys

Learning journeys start from a variety of tech based occupations, and guide you through knowledge based steps to elevate your learning and skills to achieve a higher level of understanding within your desired occupation. Learn, grow and take your career opportunities to the next level.

We provide a diverse set of learning tools including videos, books, audio-books as well as practice assessments that complement the diverse ways people learn. Through labs, assessments and practice you’ll gain the relevant skills necessary to elevate your game!

Our special introductory price makes now the
perfect time to take your IT development to the next level.

Learn at your own pace, location, and time!

Our world of work is changing and rapidly…

Are you ready to DRIVE technology?

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Individual Programs



An area that is often overlooked for technology professionals is soft skills – these are crucial for developing effective leaders and communicators. Combining our TECH and leadership programs provides professionals and students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel at current and future project deliverables. To maximize the time you have to dedicate to learning, our programs provide sequenced lessons and learning tools built for busy technology and leadership students and professionals.

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